Written by Eliana Carter 

Miles of savannah, a rainforest, and a vast coastline – these are just some of the beautiful natural features that make up the South American country of Guyana. 

Look closer into the country’s enchanting coastline and you’ll see that most of the country’s population lives along it. And because people live so close to this region, you’ll also see miles of the country’s lush untouched nature which harbors vibrant plant and animal life. In fact, this rainforest is home to 18 percent of the world’s rainforests. We promise that you won’t ever get tired of exploring this gorgeous country. With waterfalls, rainforests, wildlife trails, and expert birding, Guyana has plenty to offer the adventurous traveler. Come discover the beauty and wildlife of Guyana for yourself!

Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls

Check out the Kaieteur Falls! The waters of the Potaro River, known for its dark color, fall straight into the majestic Kaieteur Falls. Standing at 741 feet tall it is also one of the highest waterfalls in the world, which is nearly four times higher than Niagara Falls. The waterfall is located inside of the Kaieteur National Park, which totals 627 square miles. 

Birders and bird-lovers alike can enjoy many Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, White Collared Swifts, and Macaws that frequent this area. The morpho butterfly can be spotted in the Kaieteur gorge. Don’t miss this gorgeous location! If you’re lucky enough, you will see a rainbow form around the waterfall. Talk about majestic. 


Iwokrama Wildlife Trail

Follow the Iwokrama Wildlife Trail itinerary to truly experience Guyanan wildlife. Start from Georgetown and make your way to the Iwokrama River Lodge. You can reach the lodge by vehicle or plane and take in the sites of the gorgeous Guyanan landscape. Don’t forget to look out for unique flora such as the leafy mora plant, the soft wallaba, and Guyanan Rosewood while on your way there.  

Also nearby is the notorious Turtle Mountain, where you can climb to the summit in 1-2 hours for gorgeous views of the top of the rainforest canopy. You can also take a ferry to Indian House Island, where you can see butterflies, snakes, and macaws and hear the songs of Marbled Wood-quail, White-banded, Black-collared Swallows, and more birds! After that, you can travel to the 154 meter Iwokrama Canopy Walkway where you may just see a jaguar, toucan, or roed howler monkey. 

Hoatzin, Guyana’s National Bird


Birders, you’re in luck! Guyana is home to over 800 species of birds, including the Sun Parakeet, a number of McCaw species, and the Red Siskin. 

Grab your binoculars and a sun hat and get ready to see some magnificent birds! Guyana’s diverse landscape makes for the perfect home for a variety of birds from savannah grasslands, mangrove forests to coastal wetlands. Catch sight of the Hoatzin or Canje Pheasant, Guyana’s national bird. A variety of bird-watching tours are available from 8-15 days in length. There is plenty to see and explore in the beautiful country of Guyana.