Travel may have gotten more complex in the past two years, but as more places are opening up nomads and globetrotters are on the road again, jumping between planes, trains and automobiles. Moreover, in the era when many people can work seemingly from anywhere, settling in a new city or an island for a few weeks has become more commonplace. What does one give to people who are constantly hopping countries and continents, with only a backpack and a wheelie? Big and impractical items are out, packable and handy ones are in demand. Here are a few useful gift ideas for digital nomads, frequent flyers and incurable jetsetters in your life.

Modgy Vase 

Being a nomad means you move a lot and make home in new places all the time. You can’t take your favorite couch or desk with you, but how about a vase? No, not the traditional bulky, breakable and heavy glass, crystal, or even plastic vases—they are the last thing frequent travelers want to lug around with them. But how about the Innovative Modgy vase that folds flat enough to slide into a pocket—and then miraculously pop up to hold your floral arrangement of choice in your hotel room or Airbnb, minutes after you move in. Just add water—and then have a seat, enjoy a cup of tea, and savor the comfort. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a fragrant solo rose or a vibrant colorful bunch of blooming beauty. Add a matching set of four Modgy folding luminary lanterns that hold floating LED candles perfect for a romantic evening or candlelight party—and you’re all set.

Zip Top Containers

Nomads move often and eat on the go; meanwhile leftovers are often too messy to stick in a backpack in their original cardboard or plastic containers. There’s a solution for all these grievances now—Zip Top lid-less containers that zip-up tight, keep their shape and don’t drip onto your clothes. Made from silicone, they are plastic-free, BPA-free, and utterly durable—microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Zip-Tops come in dish, cup and bag shapes, plus you will never have to look for the lost lids—because they don’t have them! Pack them with breakfast snacks on the way out and use for lunch leftovers on the way back. Perfect for stashing extra food away during long airport layovers or delays.

Inflatable Airplane Sleeping Pillow

Who hasn’t woken up with a hurting neck, numb arms and stiff legs after an overnight flight and hours of being twisted into a pretzel in airplane basic economy seats? If only business class tickets weren’t so expensive! Luckily, modern-day flying amenities can help with these problems at far more affordable cost than first-class seats. Frequent flyers will love this inflatable Povinmos pillow that lets sleepers rest their heads comfortably, in multiple positions. Designed with an ergonomic 45-degree angle to let one’s head and neck naturally lean forward, it also allows arms to rest freely so they won’t become numb or sore. Inflates with only a few puffs and makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Deflates quickly and fits into a small pouch that attaches to a wheelie. Happy shut-eye!



Travelling is often noisy. Streets are loud. Airports have a constant din. Restaurants clamor with talks and utensils clinking. Bars are blaring so that you have to shout to be heard—and when everybody is shouting no one can hear. There’s a remedy for that too, now. Called Noopl, it is an iPhone® accessory that helps you hear clearly in noisy places so you can connect better with people around you. It is particular helpful when you have to navigate a new unfamiliar country and converse in a language you don’t really speak—at least not yet. Noopl uses AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro for dynamic head tracking to sense where you are looking and focus on the conversations you want to hear. With Noopl, you simply turn your head to bring someone’s voice into the crisp auditory focus—and voila, it cuts out the background noise, focusing on human speech.

Wildland Coffee – in a Teabag

Why is that tea can be so easily made with a teabag, but brewing coffee requires heavy machinery that globetrotters don’twant to lag around with them?  Well, Wildland Coffee solves this problem by packing 3 tablespoons of ground dark roast goodness into little brew bags. No bulky coffeemakers, no French Press, no filters—equally perfect for a nomad, camper or backpacker. Simply pour 8 ounces of hot water, soak the bag for 8 minutes and enjoy the cup of your delicious and eco-friendly joy—the coffee is ethically sourced from Brazil, the bags are compostable and wrappers are recyclable. What more can one want? Just more coffee, please.



YogiFi Yoga Mat

Exercise and wellness are essential for the perpetually peripatetic people. But gym memberships aren’t always an ideal fit for the nomadic schedules, and you can’t take your personal trainer with you.  The innovative AI-enabled yoga mat solves that problem. YogiFi is a smart yoga mat, equipped with a built-in sensor layer to track and offer suggestions to help correct form in real time—just like an instructor would. It is the only yoga mat that can help you learn new yoga postures, whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced yogi. Lightweight. portable, and equipped with a rechargeable battery, it’s super travel friendly. It’s just like globetrotting with a friend who doubles as a yoga instructor.