Written by Eliana Carter 

Las Torres del Paine National Park is situated in the southern part of Chile’s Patagonia region. It is known for its tall mountains, bright blue glaciers, and vibrant wildlife such as llamas and guanacos.

If you find yourself here, you cannot miss the Cordillera Paine with its three “Towers of Paine” or mountain peaks. This majestic mountain range is known for its tendency to change its appearance based on the season, the time, and the weather. 

Immerse yourself in this gorgeous national park. The days in Las Torres will feel longer than usual due to the 17 hours of sunlight in the summertime, so take it as your opportunity to explore as much as you can! Don’t miss out on sunrise, which is when you can catch the Torres del Paine as it glows red and purple. 

Lake Grey, Patagonia

Lake Grey

An International Biosphere Reserve, Lake Grey’s waters are covered by ice sediment and huge floating icebergs that will take your breath away. The water is approximately 500 meters deep, which is perfect for kayaking or canoeing across the currents. 

But if that’s not your thing, you can grab some crampons and an ice ax, and climb the glacier for some lovely ice hiking. For those who would rather stick to regular hiking, Las Torres offers two multi-day hikes, Full Circuit and W Trail that both offer breathtaking views of the lake and glacier. If you’re looking for a simpler route, go on a day hike around the lake and return to the base in the evening.

Fly fishing in Torres del Paine

Serrano River Tourism Villa

Visit the Serrano River Tourism Villa and take in the landscape while on horseback, fly fishing, or kayaking through the rapids. The village, popularly known as “pueblito” Serrano is a popular starting destination to Las Torres del Paine National Park. Located on the southern edge of the park, it is frequented by tourists seeking tranquillity and outdoor fun. For dinner, try the famous fire-pit roasted lamb and end your day with a therapeutic massage.

Cueva Del Milodon

Cueva Del Milodon

Cueva Del Mildon is a natural monument located 15 miles northwest of Puerto Natales. It is made up of several caves and a rock formation called Silla del Diablo or “Devil’s Chair.” In 1895, German explorer Hermann Eberhard discovered skin, bones, and other parts of a giant sloth called Mylodon Darwini in this cave–an extinct animal that died 10,200–13,560 years ago. The cave is now considered a historical landmark for this discovery. Visit the caves to learn more and take a picture with the lifesize replica of the famous mylodon. Legend says the “Devil’s Chair” was once used by the sloth as a throne!

Along the W Trail

W Trail

Among the main tourist attractions in Las Torres, is the W Trail. Named after the W-shape the trail makes with its three large landmarks: the Ascencio Valley, the Francés Valley, and the Grey Glacier Valley. The W Trail spans 60 miles and requires 4 to 7 days of hiking, filled with gorgeous sites along the route. Take a walk through the beautiful lenga beech forests also known as Nothofagus pumilio trees which thrive in low temperatures and heavy snow, steep slopes, and perch atop breathtaking lookouts as you travel along the W Trail.

Whether you choose to be a part of the guided tours or take your adventure into your own hands, there is much to be found in Las Torres del Paine National Park. Discover Chile and the beauty of the Patagonia region for yourself. Backpackers, adventurous hikers, and tourists alike will find themselves in awe at all the unique beauty in this region of the world. Come visit this gorgeous Chilean landscape with sights unlike anywhere else!