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Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, is a cultural gem. Home to over 1.4 million people, it is chock full of colorful buildings, incredible views, and a whole lot of history. It’s also a sister city to Montreal, Canada.

Malagasy people are generally regarded as warm and friendly. It is important to note however, that depending on what region of Madagascar you visit, chances are you will encounter a couple of cultural taboos (or fady). It is important to respect these taboos and be aware of specific places with fady associated with revered ancestors. This practice is regional, sometimes applying to specific communities, or a specific family.

Most of Madagascar’s wildlife is only found in this country. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Madagascar broke off from Africa around 165 million years ago and then from India about 100 million years later. This isolation led to the development of its native flora and fauna. There are about 75 different types of chameleons in Madagascar alone.

Malagasy people consider the Zebu a status of power and prosperity. A zebu is a medium-sized cow with a small head and smooth fur. They are bred for their milk in Urban areas, but also eaten and used for work. The Zebu is a critical part of Madagascan rites.

Some Malagasy people wash their clothing in the nearby Mandrare River. Attire in Madagascar is dependent on location and socioeconomic status. Traditional attire includes shawls and dresses with gathered skirts for women, and a large shirt with either shorts or long pants for the men. Cities will also see some people wearing Western dress.

Antananarivo is full of museums and historical buildings dating back to the colonial era. Among some of the popular tourist sites are University of Antananarivo, the Rova Palace, and the Andafiavaratra Museum. Today, many of the city’s structures are influenced by European contact and Chinese construction materials.

A trip to Madagascar warrants exploration of its interesting cuisine options. And in Antananarivo, there are lots of options. Check out Madagascar – based dishes mixed with European, Indonesian and African influences. There are loads of places to get a good meal in the city, including restaurants and even local stands. Try a delicious zebu steak with Madagascan peppercorn, or a grilled beef skewer with peanut sauce (Masikita). The options are endless.

Wherever you decide to go in Madagascar, make sure to take in the country’s unique beauty. The country is constantly developing and welcoming more tourism every year. Pictured here is the first railway in Madagascar, located in Antananarivo. 

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