The Wonders of Peru.

This massive emerald water lake is almost 106 miles long and spreads over an area of more than 3,230 square miles.

It has countless islands where the indigenous people live to this day.

A visit to the lake offers the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the blue water surrounded by yellow grass reeds.

The highlight of a trip to Lake Titicaca is to visit and explore the man-made floating islands of the Uros. Lake Titicaca has over a hundred of these man-made floating islands.

The Uros islands range in size from about 100 feet wide to larger ones that can accommodate up to ten families.

We spent an amazing time interacting with the Uros people, learning about their culture and lifestyle.

A Uros woman sewing a blanket.

The trip offers the opportunity to get a fascinating glimpse into the life of these ancient tribal people living the way they have for centuries.

The Uros people are traditional hunters and gatherers. They capture the cormorants, a water bird. The birds are used as food and to catch fish for the Uros to eat. The Uros also gather the totora reeds and eat the lower portion of the reeds as a vegetable.

A typical Uros stove and pots.

The islands are a remarkable feat of engineering techniqies the Uros developed in the antiquity. The Uros construct these man-made islands by weaving the roots of the totora reed together to make a strong base layer for the island that is around two meters thick.

On top of this base they use more totora reeds and roots to build their houses, storerooms and other structures.

South America has many popular attraction and UNESCO world heritage sites. A day trip to Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of an ancient culture and meet a tribal family and learning about their culture is an experience to remember forever.

Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest lake navigable for large vessels, lying at about 12,500 feet above sea level. Located on the southern border of Peru and stretching through the Andes Mountains, this lake is a must see destination!

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