Cheshire, England – Consider a mini getaway to a Victorian manor in the heart of Cheshire county. Bring a friend with you to Shrigley Hall Hotel for their first ever “Mulled Wine Spa Day” in the UK. This treatment is hosted by spa booking service, SpaSeekers.

Guests can expect to immerse themselves in a mulled wine hot tub that’s been prepared at a safe and neutral PH. Unsure about sitting in a tub of steaming wine or the practice of vinotherapy in general? Don’t worry! This hot tub is treated and set to a calm 98 degrees fahrenheit (37 degrees celsius), which allows for pores in the body to open and release toxins. 

Your skin will embrace the tannins in the mulled wine and take in the rejuvenating benefits of red wine. For those who do not know about tannins, “they are antibacterial substances that help fight viruses and fungi whilst also improving cardiac health and increasing blood flow. Combined with the anti – oxidising properties from the polyphenols in grapes and citrus fruits, circulation is improved whilst you soak your worries away, leaving you glowing”.  


An advantage to relaxing in wine as opposed to water, is its high level of antioxidants from the orange, cinnamon and star anise. 

Along with this experience, you can also book a 45 minute Frankincense

massage and a Brown sugar, cinnamon and orange body scrub which aim to bring blood flow back to the skin. These festive treatments will help add an additional fresh scent of seasonal treats. Guests who book a session at the festive spa will get a complimentary glass of mulled wine.

Details regarding open booking dates are still TBA, however the experience is set to take place this month. Prices for the Mulled Wine Spa Day in Shrigley Hall Hotel will reportedly start from £60 per person. For more information, visit the SpaSeekers website.

“Christmas is upon us and at SpaSeekers we cannot wait to announce the new trend coming to spas in the UK – the mulled wine spa,” said Jason Goldberg, CEO and founder of SpaSeekers.