This summer check out the nudist village located in Cap d’Agde, France. 

Interested in taking a walk à la nude in the Hérault region of France? What about shopping, wining and dining? You can do all these things and more. Naturist Cap d’Agde is known for its private location at the northeastern part of the city within a natural resort. Visitors can leisure and have a good time walking about with no contact with the world past the vicinity. 

The resort is complete with the offerings of a conventional town. People can shop and go about doing their daily tasks with nothing but their birthday suit on. You can expect to find easy access to a bank, a post office, supermarkets, arcades, health services, opticians and clothing boutiques.  

Cap d’Agde sees about 40,000 people in the summertime. In fact, this village sees flocks of people every year thanks in part to its two kilometer beach. Folks can choose to stay at a nearby modern hotel, a bungalow, or a campground that best fits their stride. There are also a couple of nautical themed activities available in the area for people of all ages. Families can pedal boats at la Méridienne beach or visit a tearoom at the Paralia Beach Club. 

Entrance to this nudist oasis is strict, requiring adherence to strict regulations such as select credentials and an access form detailing how long you plan to stay. Access is regulated from March to mid October. There is also a ban in place for on site photography and video, so unfortunately you won’t be able to post anything on your social media. 

This naturist element of the village came to fruition sometime after development construction in the 1960s. At the point, the French were in the process of building six modernist resorts to promote tourism in the area. No one knows exactly how or why but sometime in the early 1970s, naturism became synonymous to modernism which led the site’s developers to plan this naturist village out of the local marshes. 

In fact, Cap d’Agde’s architecture has always been urbanist in its nature. The squat village began as a concrete playground that united modernist architecture and progressive social ideals. Today, the colony is centered around three massive concrete buildings behind a large gate and some dunes. 

Check out some of the local resorts such as the Natureva Spa, which is conveniently located just 300m from the beach. Prices start at 490 to 1610 €/ week for a studio for up to 4 people.